Comfortably load and unload clothes, and use the top as a folding surface, with this factory-installed riser.

Built-in riser

Laundry couldn’t be easier with an option that washes and dries a small load of clothes in 8 hours or less without having to move the load to the dryer.

Overnight Dry

Clean 5 of the most common stains with preprogrammed settings that modify any cycle to help remove blood, tomato, wine, dirt and grass.

Stain Removal Guide

Cleans dirty clothes by loosening soils before the wash begins with steam vapor in the washer.

Steam Assist

Enjoy more peace and quiet thanks to heavy-duty springs, vibration dampeners and a balance ring infused with counterweight bearings designed to offset out-of-balance loads.

Adaptive Vibration Control

Wash an item quickly and feel good about conserving energy with this unique option that takes less time and uses less water than a full cycle.

Single Item Cycle