Clean 5 of the most common stains with preprogrammed settings that modify any cycle to help remove blood, tomato, wine, dirt and grass.

Stain Removal Guide

Cleans dirty clothes by loosening soils before the wash begins with steam vapor in the washer.

Steam Assist

Enjoy more peace and quiet thanks to heavy-duty springs, vibration dampeners and a balance ring infused with counterweight bearings designed to offset out-of-balance loads.

Adaptive Vibration Control

Great cleaning performance is enhanced with a dispenser that distributes fresh detergent multiple times throughout the wash.

Precision Dispense

Effectively cleans heavily soiled fabrics with the cycle that uses a built-in soak time, extended wash times and more vigorous wash action.

Power Clean

Feel comfort knowing clothes are sanitized* and 99.9% of bacteria has been removed thanks to an internal water heater that boosts the water temperature.

* Certified by NSF Protocol P172 Sanitation Performance of Residential Clothes Washers.

Sanitize Cycle