Lets you walk away while the dispenser automatically fills any container with filtered water.

Hands-free Autofill

Multi-task while the dispenser automatically fills your container with the exact measurement of water you choose.

Hands-free Precise Fill

An icemaker in both compartments gives you more ice whenever you need it.

Dual Icemaker

3 accurate settings deliver the optimal temperature for your favorite foods, while colored lights indicate the chosen setting.

Full-width electronic temperature-controlled drawer with colored LED lights

Separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections help keep foods fresh.

TwinChill™ evaporators

Add a personal touch when you upload photos to the color LCD display from your flash drive.

Color LCD screen with photo upload

Positioned throughout the interior and under fresh food doors to spotlight foods inside the refrigerator and in the freezer.

Showcase LED lighting

Easily fills large containers like pitchers or ice buckets with filtered water and ice.

Stainless steel dispenser with pullout tray

Located on the door with integrated bins to create more usable storage space.

Space saving icemaker

Allows for extra door storage when you need it and tucks away when you don't.

Drop-down tray