Industry leading 3-chip, 3LCD technology delivers true-to-life, vibrant color, and requires 25% less electricity per lumen of brightness than 1-chip DLP projectors.2 
2 Data source: Jan. 2010. Average of 910 shipping models for which the manufacturers provided lumens and total power data, all resolutions and brightness levels.
Widescreen and hi-def 720p resolution gives you images up to twelve times larger than on a 40", widescreen TV. 2,500 lumens of color light output and 2,500 lumens of white light output1 means you get natural, bright images. 
1 Light output varies depending on modes (color and white light output). White light output measured using ISO 21118 standard.
Just one of many convenient ways to enjoy your entertainment. 
Allows you to instantly turn off the lamp and put the projector in sleep mode by sliding the A/V Mute Slide into the closed position. This saves energy while you make that batch of popcorn.  Whether you are in a living room or the backyard, you have the flexibility to position your projector closer to or further away from the screen without compromising on image quality.  With a convenient handle and soft, cushioned carrying case, you can take the show on the road. Enjoy your MovieMate 85HD in your home, backyard, or campsite — just about anywhere you spend time with family and friends.  Straighten images that appear skewed on the screen without having to reposition the projector.
Get up to 5000 hours of projection time on a single lamp3, with Epson's exclusive E-TORL lamp technology. E-TORL lamps are designed to have longer lamp life, so replacement lamps are purchased less often. 
3 Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.
Project digital Hi-Definition video and audio for powerful entertainment possibilities.  It couldn't be easier to enjoy your favorite entertainment, with dual Dolby® 5.1 Digital DTS® 10 W stereo speakers. The versatile MovieMate 85HD works with your Nintendo® Wii™, Sony® PS3™ or Microsoft® Xbox 360™ video game system for more entertainment options.  You can plug your Apple® iPod® directly in the MovieMate 85HD and enjoy music with your projector.