quickly hits max RPM speed and high torque so foods are less likely to jam or clog

High Torque Power Grinding DC

installs easily in minutes

EZ Mount Installation

provides a faster, finer grind

*based on RPM testing of cleared GE and competitive models

Over 2800-RPM Grinding Action*

made with non-corrosive steel to last for years

Stainless Steel Impellers and Galvanized Steel Turntable

allows you to push new waste in as the old waste is ground up and washed down.

Continuous Feed

guaranteed to be safe for your septic system

Septic Safe

1-year limited replacement plus additional1-year limited parts

*See written warranty for complete details

2-Year Warranty*

helps keep your drain free and clear of food waste to ensure your water runs smoothly in the right direction

DrainBoost Technology